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    This guy shizzer, no disrespect but Darren Lewis presents better take it you were just filling in? When is he back?

  2. chrishan7 chrishan7

    because he butchers at least 5 players names every video…

  3. jabbagottiful jabbagottiful

    the worst transfer window ever….

  4. Cristiano Messi Cristiano Messi

    The figurative language makes me feel like I’m in Language Arts… -.-

  5. cozzaman74 cozzaman74

    Bebe is amazing. Shut up

  6. dman32 dman32

    Dan Silver is funny

  7. robin van persie twenty robin van persie twenty

    its macheda ma cay da !!!!!!!!!!

  8. Dillerbas Dillerbas

    Piss off Dan Silver. I want my big ol’ black man back!

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