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  1. majki201 majki201

    Newcastle !! na zaawsze < 3333

  2. meh101ism meh101ism

    @CornerofArble which people say that precisely?

  3. TheZodiac454 TheZodiac454

    @ConnorOfAmble lolz..Those Arsenal fans will blame anyone and anything…

  4. bennybwoi bennybwoi

    Ameobi v Sunderland and Taylor vs Accrington!

  5. joppadoni joppadoni

    @OliverLam1984 erm it didnt better any of these? .. lol

  6. NNNewcastle NNNewcastle

    i think we all knew that Tiote’s goal was gunna be Number 1, not cuz of the goal, but it made the equaliser of a fantastic game which we shud of beaten the gunners in

  7. jamesadams117 jamesadams117

    Yeah Ameobi vs Sunderland should have been in there

  8. OliverLam1984 OliverLam1984

    What about 4-0 Sunderland (Ameobi)?

  9. geordieboy321 geordieboy321

    my top 3 goals are exact same as the videos, COME ON THE TOON

  10. 1stuploader 1stuploader

    BEN ARFA #1

  11. ConnorOfAmble ConnorOfAmble

    people say Tiote’s goal was fixed… NO WAY! Tiote couldn’t of hit that perfectley…. it was luck al admit that.. but c’mon it was just mint

  12. ordyordy ordyordy

    no 1 well deserved its place, one of the best feelings all season

  13. reay11nufc reay11nufc

    We have scored some quality goals lads.

  14. shangbang69 shangbang69

    Great vid and pretty great quality! 😀

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