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Pizzi: Team will Play Well without Fabricio

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The same team was seen to be practicing in the field for which he has been testing before the big game against Boca. He practically did not notice or rather did not want to notice the presence of Fabricio Coloccini in the team that will be playing in the next game. The match will be played between Boca Juniors and San Lorenzo. Pizzi, the coach said that his team will be playing against Boca Juniors but he is not sure whether they will be able to get the game or not. He said Ramon Arias is in a position to play in the match because he is well prepared and experienced. He has practiced well for the game as well. Pizzi mentioned that he is a good state to face a classic game like the one in which the Super League tip will be a chance. He also does not see any kind of bad back for the game his team will be playing because he does not have very few situations for goals against. Angel Romero and Oscar Romero are real-life brothers and will be sharing their equipments for the very first time and they are going to share it from the very beginning.