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  1. spacebound12 spacebound12

    i prefer last years to this but this is not that bad

  2. 50st 50st

    c’mon newcastle! great team, great kit, great song! best wishes from Bulgaria lads! 🙂

  3. porterism100 porterism100

    I imagine when they tried to put makeup on Tiote he just kind of sneered and the makeup girl backed off slowly…

  4. torfinho torfinho

    the photographer hurt his hand at 1:48

  5. zulafiq40 zulafiq40

    krul no 1 yess.. HOWAY THE LADS!

  6. BugsyPacino BugsyPacino

    Probably one of the best we’ve had for awhile like, the mackems home kit looks like an old stoke kit 🙂

  7. Cathal O' Hare Cathal O' Hare

    Colo wouldn’t be doing make up proper defender!!! Taylor was loving it really

  8. mikethompson10 mikethompson10

    tiote monster

  9. TrophyGamesTV TrophyGamesTV

    Such a nice kit, looks like juventus home.

  10. michaelcoulson123 michaelcoulson123

    Tiote is beast

  11. FunkyBirdsHD FunkyBirdsHD

    Tiote u tank

  12. JAMEZ11118 JAMEZ11118

    Looks Godly!

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