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  1. Kevin Kiseljov Kevin Kiseljov

    Fuck u RealLifeHonky

  2. RealLifeHonky RealLifeHonky

    Hahaa ba has a broken nosee

  3. nando9924 nando9924

    I feel so sorry for ba, hope he’s ok:(

  4. Costar001 Costar001

    thanks for making me realise my speakers are plugged in wrong 🙂

  5. Costar001 Costar001

    you must have forgotten ramires’ challenge!

  6. Jonas Theis Jensen Jonas Theis Jensen


  7. Cfclegend Lamps Cfclegend Lamps

    Newcastle should have been down 2 men, very very lucky to get 3

  8. Mathias Hareide Mathias Hareide

    Luvin dat acccsent

  9. Wes Brown Wes Brown

    horrible coach

  10. StocksyCFC StocksyCFC

    I thought it was just me. :p

  11. Jonny Overal Jonny Overal

    my left ear enjoyed this

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