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  1. MrCJL85 MrCJL85

    Exellent video mate! Toon toon

  2. facekarma facekarma

    Great video, but still quite depressing as a NUFC fan to see all those great players we’ve sold… come on you Frenchies!

  3. braspa braspa

    Great video, may I ask where you source your footage from? (e.g. all the same resolution and without logos getting in the way)

  4. AMJProductions100 AMJProductions100

    i love this video man, excellent work, gotta love that Ryan Taylor goal vs Accrington, gonna miss Andy and Kev next season, but I’m sure Ben Arfa, Cabaye, Marveaux and Ba will make up for them 😀

    also can you check out my toon vid, from the relegation to the triumph in the c’ship

  5. greenslade56 greenslade56

    That is one of the best Newcastle videos I’ve ever seen TOON! TOON! Black and White ARMY!!!!!


    0.56 …wow

  7. kackuj1 kackuj1

    Howay The Lads !!! <333

  8. DannYxB09 DannYxB09

    Newcastle 11/12
    Now available in French.

  9. coletrickle46 coletrickle46

    god i love the toon!!! Gonna miss Nolan and Carroll next season mind

  10. ThomasFMurray1 ThomasFMurray1

    great video mate

  11. xTINTxNuFc xTINTxNuFc

    1:13 best tackle i have ever seen!

  12. 10MessiRonaldo9 10MessiRonaldo9

    @stevo1768 ‘Secrets’ by One Republic

  13. stevo1768 stevo1768

    whats the song? plz

  14. 10MessiRonaldo9 10MessiRonaldo9

    @xTINTxNuFc The song is called ‘Secrets’ by One Republic

  15. xTINTxNuFc xTINTxNuFc


  16. stevo1768 stevo1768

    @spitfireuk11 Me too ;(

  17. spitfireuk11 spitfireuk11

    gonna miss that squad

  18. mrbibo1 mrbibo1

    simply superb!!!!!
    H’way the lads!!!!

  19. 3JoseEnrique 3JoseEnrique

    0:11 everytime I watch it I get goose bumps

  20. nufc777denni nufc777denni

    nice vid..! need the carroll goal away at goooners!! but sweet vid HTL <3

  21. lausbaus lausbaus

    Great vid!=D Howay The Lads!

  22. kackuj1 kackuj1

    Howay The Lads 😀

  23. TalNufc96 TalNufc96

    great vid mate keep em coming!

  24. be4koli be4koli


  25. danblaze6 danblaze6


  26. I never thought I’d see the day when Liverpool were overtaken 🙁

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