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  1. IlCapocannonierre IlCapocannonierre

    Geordies rock!

  2. BryanttieMedia BryanttieMedia

    @BHben91 love how your watching videos of better fans than yourselves then, cockney twat

  3. xNuFcRyan xNuFcRyan

    mad tal! belter video hope for one this saturday mate!!

  4. abedishot abedishot

    @tomw362 agreed mate. Newcastle have one of the most loyal support in the WORLD. I support Rangers and we get 40,000+ now, but on the early eighties we were getting only 10-20000.

  5. tomw362 tomw362

    @basher1234567890 silent geordies? Must be deaf then you thick fuck. And we’ve never won fuck all? What’s your point? We still get more than you… WHERE WERE YOU WHEN YOU WERE SHIT!

  6. basher1234567890 basher1234567890

    you where supposed to be at home, i had to get my ears checked today as i couldnt hear the silent geordies on saturday but doctor said im all fine so haha lol at you and your shitty supports. YOU NEVER WON FUCK ALL YIDARMY!

  7. BHben91 BHben91

    1 aaron lennon theres only 1 aaron lennon! … 2-0 and 1-1….. 4 points of the geordies.

  8. marrey07 marrey07

    Spurs fans were shite, half the time I forgot they were there! Class video.

  9. TalNufc96 TalNufc96

    @THFCsaunders stop raping me videos you cockney fuck.
    like the fact you can only sing 1 song and we still sung it louder than you. hahahahahaha

  10. THFCsaunders THFCsaunders


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