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  1. 0Sikness0 0Sikness0

    you should see my team: st 88 aguero IF 87 higuain Cam 94 messi Lm Lavezzi IF Di maria Cdm mascherano Lb ansladi Cb samuel Cb colocconi Rb zabeletta gk vivano

  2. FlAwLeSSxSkiLLz101 FlAwLeSSxSkiLLz101

    Yeah he played really well for me and got on the score sheet alot

  3. MrKhrumz MrKhrumz


  4. FlAwLeSSxSkiLLz101 FlAwLeSSxSkiLLz101

    Yeah the prices wont stop changing lately but i dont have that team anymore
    I make a team so people can see what they can get at the current time and change my team every few weeks
    Turns out that i got half my players just at the wrong time 🙂

  5. duhRynerz duhRynerz

    prices have dropped a ton i have this exact team except instead of IF milito i have IF alessandro (5star skills).
    i got IF samuel for 60k
    aguero for 50k
    lavezzi 2k
    di maria 2k
    cambiasso 4k
    IF Aimar 16k
    IF colocinni 19k
    Ansaldi 1k
    zabaleta 700
    romero 700
    Just letting you know the prices now 😀

  6. TheMilanoitaliano TheMilanoitaliano

    wow aguero for only 65000 coins thats cheap m8

  7. Respect361HD Respect361HD

    Nice team

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