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  1. TheScottifier96 TheScottifier96

    @YoUnGxScOp3zZ yes this still works just pm me the details and ill do it for you 😛

  2. YoUnGxScOp3zZ YoUnGxScOp3zZ

    does this actually work cus I will give you my villa and Torres to duplicate? reply back lease

  3. TheScottifier96 TheScottifier96

    @byronbrown11 yes mate thats right

  4. byronbrown11 byronbrown11

    im confused do we give you are ea name and password and you do it for us

  5. chips941 chips941

    love you

  6. TheScottifier96 TheScottifier96

    @crazzykie ye just pm me mate 🙂

  7. crazzykie crazzykie

    can u do it 4 me mate

  8. louisthree louisthree

    THIS is unbelievable im glad i trusted you YOU ARE A LEGEND 🙂

  9. kramy24x kramy24x

    Great Work !!

  10. MesQueUnClubTV MesQueUnClubTV

    This is great, just have one question. I understand that the third player stays in your squad, but since you’ve sent the one in your club to the trade pile, will he get deleted afterwards?

  11. shayne0511 shayne0511

    awsome, shame o dont have any good players to duplicate :'(

  12. xBritz xBritz

    quality mate 🙂

  13. NickkBakerr1 NickkBakerr1

    i love you man

  14. mattclfc mattclfc


  15. thespeedjumper thespeedjumper

    Thanks for the help mate I’ve now got nearly 200k

  16. jubbysafc96 jubbysafc96

    Thanx i have just reached my first million 🙂

  17. daniel1996nufc daniel1996nufc

    This Is unbelievably good you can have unlimited money please trust this guy he has done a lot for me 🙂

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