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FabricioColoccini disappointed with Argentina

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Former Argentina international player FabricioColoccini said that he is disappointed with the way the team played at the World Cup and he believes that changes to be made at the top of the federation if they want to win a World Cup again. He said that for so long the team has been relying on Lionel Messi and that they will need to make changes if they want to perform at the World Cup in Qatar.

FabricioColoccini said that the Argentina team suffered a humiliation at the hands of Croatia and that they needed the last game of the group to qualify for the knock-out stage. He said that the team struggles to play as a team and that they had to rely on Lionel Messi in order to create the danger in the opposition half.

FabricioColoccini said that the team did not have any playing style and that it is no surprise that they could not manage to go further in this tournament. He said that fans have been disappointed by the performance of their team and that they will be looking for changes.

He said that Argentina has plenty of young talents and it is important that there is proper detection in place to make sure that these players reach their full potential. He said that the Argentina football federation should learn from their European counterparts to find out how they are developing players.

He said that Argentina is far from a team that can win a major tournament and that they will have to look for ways to improve their football to achieve this. He said that they need to rebuild from scratch and make sure that they give changes to young and deserving players to represent their country.