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Fabricio Coloccini Thinks For Newcastle

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Fabricio Coloccini states how Newcastle would have fared better if Rafa had been brought in earlier.

Newcastle United is headed by Fabricio Coloccini and he has much to lament about as the last season did not go well for the team. With Rafa Benitez being brought in now, he is hopeful that there would be positive changes seen. Fabricio believes that the Magpies would be done better if the Spaniard had come on their team a few months before. Benitez joined the team when there were only ten games remaining of the present season. The Magpies have already languished in terms of their scores and performance by then. Steve McClaren had been part of the 28 matches of the previous season for this team.

In the last five outings Newcastle has remained unbeaten. Coloccini insists that Benitez having come into the club has helped to change things. However, the fact that the changes have come too late will not help change the performance of the team for the last season. It also affects how the team will start the forthcoming season. The 34 year old captain feels that Benitez has helped to make many changes after he has joined. His tenure has been for a short period of two months. His participation has helped to change things in many ways, but to impact the position of the team is a bit too late. The team has had a winless run. They were relegated Aston Villa in the last weekend. They are next in position to United who also face a similar condemned position this year. It remains to be seen how the team is able to turn things around for themselves this year and improve the overall standing of the club in this manner this year.