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Coloccini writes to fans

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Former Newcastle defender FabricioColoccini has written a letter to the Newcastle fans where he has thanked them for their welcome at the club.

He said that the fans have shown him love and warmth when he was far from his family and that he will never be able to thank them for what they have done.

FabricioColoccini has left Newcastle after 8 years spent at the club and said that it was a hard decision to make. The player who still has some years on his contract has ended his deal with the club with mutual consent in order to play with his hometown club, San Lorenzo.

He said that the primary reason why he left the club was that he wanted to be close to his children. He stated that his children have left him and return to Argentina while they were still kid and that they need their father at this time.
He said that he is also exhausted with the pressure of top-level football and he does not think he can sustain it any longer. He said that he had tried so hard to win a trophy with Newcastle United, but unfortunately, they could not achieve it.

He believes that it is time to give other players the chances to play for Newcastle United and to win trophies.
He had thanked the fans for their appreciation and said that they deserve the best for their support.
FabricioColoccini said that he would be working towards becoming a coach and he would like one day to come back and manage Newcastle United. He stated that it would be an honor for him to win something that he could not achieve as a player.

He believes that Newcastle United has a good chance of promotion this season and believes that they will play in the Premier League soon.