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  1. dubaifufu dubaifufu

    ah he missed him, wished he broke that cunt leg 🙂

  2. callum callum

    go on and break his leg fkin hate suarez diving cunt

  3. 1996connor 1996connor

    Coloccinni is a class defender.. I highly rate him.. but the thing is it’s
    how he went in for the tackle, Studs showing high going in back of Suarez’s
    leg, I don’t think he went in like that purposely.

  4. paula l paula l

    you can clearly see his foot didn’t actually touch him….

  5. Nitar Htun Nitar Htun

    Fuck Up Fabricio

  6. HolyNoodleness HolyNoodleness

    He definitely grazed Suarez’ leg, studs up, vicious challenge. Deserved
    red. If I had my way, Coloccini wouldn’t play another game in this country.
    Challenges like that have no place in the game. Truly shocking.

  7. noniche1 noniche1

    The scrapes !!

  8. DaRazzaGamEr DaRazzaGamEr

    Wouldnt play again eh? what about umm alan on cisse? could of broke his
    ankle.. oh and larsson on sholas chest..?? one incident and u mark him as
    dirty? hes a player that plays for the ball and was not intentional he
    barely touched him and was looking away soo…?

  9. SoundLogic SoundLogic

    seriously man, his studs were showing and he fully hit suarez, almost
    breaking his leg!!

  10. NueSeit NueSeit

    Still a red card.

  11. CTynesider CTynesider

    Some people’s comments are absolutely ridiculous. Understandably, coming
    from Mackems and Scousers. Look at Coloccini’s whole body as he goes in.
    You can see he’s trying to avoid contact. He went in late, and realised
    this on his approach. The bloke barely puts a foot wrong in his career. He
    leads by example week-in week-out, and this was very out of character as
    other professionals have already mentioned. Mackems, if Coloccini is a
    thug, what the f*ck does that make Lee Cattermole??

  12. TheJimah91 TheJimah91

    Fuck Suarez

  13. 60Bingobent 60Bingobent

    We can hope your head is between them next time.

  14. HolyNoodleness HolyNoodleness

    Thanks mr pardew for your comment.

  15. stereophobia1992 stereophobia1992

    its a redcard on intent, clear red card, ball was played on the ground,
    absolutely no reason to have your studs up and your foot that high to
    tackle the ball.

  16. noniche1 noniche1

    Ridiculous comments? Suarez must show marks stoppers the soles of the shoes?

  17. blitzrule blitzrule

    that challenge deserved a red card, contact or not contact, end of story!

  18. HolyNoodleness HolyNoodleness

    I’d jump out the way too if someone like Colccini was trying to break my
    leg. Straight Red.

  19. HolyNoodleness HolyNoodleness

    Coloccini should be made to apologise to Suarez for his angry attacks.
    Clearly frustrated, Suarez got the better of him all afternoon. He even
    tried to foul him when Suarez scored his wonder goal but luckily for him,
    Suarez was too fast.

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